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Best Breast Augmentation in Korea "JW's Breast Augmentation by using of HD-Endoscopy"

JW's Breast Augmentation by using of HD-endoscopy
The goal of JW's Endoscopic Breast Augmentation is to have the best surgery result from each patient, by not offering a just one surgery method for all patients, it has to be different solution for each other patients since everyone have different features, conditions and physical ratio of their body.
JW's Endoscopic Breast Augmentation is the surgery incorporating the customized surgery method through the analysis of the obejective data and physical condition of a patient. Methods of surgery could be different from a patient to a patient because each patient has different breast condition and preference for their body
01. Use of dedicated HD-endoscopy for Breast Augmentation
but even though use of endoscopic breast augmentation, it can not be all the same or compare with other plastic surgery clinic with JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea
JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea has been utilizing the endoscopic breast augmentation since the birth of endoscopic breast augmentation which it means we are the most experienced in breast augmentation by using of endoscopy, and Dr. Chul Hwan, Seul has spread endoscopic breast augmentation mehod to many other doctors in the country through numerous seminars and conferences by introduce the advantages. Many other doctors now can use the endoscopic breast augmentation, but the highly advanced skills and know-how can not be obtained within a day.
02. Customized Breast Surgery for each patients through using of sizer
Before implanting the final breast prostheses, we can check the best size of prostheses for the breast and bilateral symmetry and also desquamation using a sizer.
Other plastic surgeries mostly skip this process since the operation time gets longer and the cost of materials get higher because of the size measuring system, but JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea proceeds it to implant the prostheses in accurate size and for the safe results of operations.
03. Reduce the pain and scar through minimum incision.
The minimization of bleeding and film construction which this operation method will reduces the pain and allows quick recovery for the patients
04. Various type of implant and safety, WE INSIST SAFE IMPLANTS!!!


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