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Best eyelid Surgery in Korea, JW's Best Ptosis Correction Surgery in Korea "JW Ptosis Correction (Levator Surgery)"

Best Ptosis Correction Surgery in Korea
"JW Ptosis Correction (Levator)"
Today I will be talking about Non-Incision Ptosis Correction Surgery in
JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea

What is JW Non-incision Ptosis Correction
To perform ptosis correction, the orbicularis oculi (eye opening muscle/ levator) needs to be adjusted.
Ptosis Correction (Levator surgery) was only performed by an incision method in the past, because the orbicularis oculi (eye opening muscles/ levator) in the deepest part of the eye and excess tissue must be remove along the way.
Change of conception! JW non-incision ptosis correction.
The orbicularis oculi (eye opening muscle/ levator) lie beneath the conjunctiva and can be easily accessed through the under eyelid.
Surgery Method
Because the muscles control many elements, it is important that the shape of the creases fall smoothly when the eyes are opened.

The eye-opening muscles are connected through the conjunctiva with a special suturing thread by making tiny holes under the crease of the eyelid and pulling the muscles and tarsus together.

Advantages of JW Non-Incision Ptosis Correction 
1. There is usually no scar due to the size of the incision
2. It is a fast recovery with little swelling because little or no damage is done on the tissue
3. Surgery itself is very short
4. Restoring the eyelid back to its original state is easily done by unbinding the buried suture.

Non-incision recommend for those listed below
1. People whose ptosis is not very severe
2. People who want to have ptosis correction with inconvenience to daily life
3. People who want larger eyes without an incision


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