About JW Plastic Surgery Korea


For those who come to JW Plastic Surgery Clinic,
we strive to enhance
our customers satisfaction and worth.

For natural and good result of surgery, we are very famous plastic surgery center with
16 years of experiences in Gangnam Gu, Seoul, Korea.

All of our surgeons are board certified for plastic surgery specialist and are being medical school professor also.

We also have an anesthesiologist (specialized doctor) to ensure high patient's safety. We will take care of your surgery during operation.

We provide all kinds of plastic surgery with specialists.

We have lots of foreign patients coming from various countries in the world not only from Asia but also America, Europe.
We provide language translation services in English, Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese too.

For your surgery, our plastic surgery specialists will do our best and all doctors speak english very well, so please don't hesitate to visit us!!!