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May 25, 2018

Do your homework for your breast surgery in Korea

There must be a lot of articles and documents to read about breast augmentation.
But, if you are the one considering a breast surgery but hesitating to actually book a surgery, this blog will help you to make a right decision by clarifying what kind of factors you should consider.

l  What is the best breast augmentation surgery ?

Breast augmentation surgery is to improve breast fullness and asymmetry or volume loss and increase the projection, size and shape of the breast. The best surgery will be the one that considers individual’s condition of breast and body. There are various methods of breast augmentation that’s customized for each patient’s breast. The choice of method depends on a lot of factors: current shape and size of breasts, desired appearance, the surgeon’s experience, the presence of excess fat, etc.

l     Types of breast augmentation surgery

1) Implant : Silicone implants are filled with a special, medical-grade gel that is intended to create a more natural feel and look to the breast as compared to saline implants

2) Fat graft : Without any breast implants, fat graft breast augmentation creates voluptuous and natural-looking breasts. Injected autologous fat doesn’t cause any rejection reactions or a foreign body sensation unlike breast implants. You should ask the surgeon which equipment the surgeon use to collect fat precisely such as the latest fat collecting device “Harvest Jet 2” that minimizes damage of fat cells and filters the fiber tissue out to collect the only pure fat.

3) Combination ( Implant + Fat graft) :  If you have very small breasts or thin subcutaneous fat, Implants may be not enough. If you get only implants, the implant contours may be too obvious or the breast skin may become wrinkled after an operation.
Not only does a combined breast augmentation make soft tissues thicker by grafting autologous fat, but it also makes your breasts more voluptuous and natural.

l    Excellence of JW breast augmentation

Research for a board certified plastic surgeon with much experience in breast augmentation for similar cases as your breast is the most important factor in choosing the right one for you. Please check if your surgeon makes you feel comfortable with understanding each step of the procedure, whether the surgeon’s aesthetic style match your goal and what the realistic result you can expect.

1)     Implant options: We are one of the clinics that have the most various implant options that you can actually touch to feel texture.
You can discuss about the implants you are interested in and JW doctor will measure your body to recommend the best implant options.  

2)     You should ask your surgeon whether the surgeon is upfront with any risk and possible complications of the surgery with full equipment.  In JW operation, There is Full HD- endoscopy, started to being used from initial period. It minimizes damages on the main vessels and tissues by providing a clear view for the safety of breast as well as the latest system with Divina ( 3D breast scanning ) and ultrasound imaging.

3)     Make sure to check the records of satisfying result with 20-year experience in the surgery you will have. Don’t hesitate to request previous patient’s before and after pictures. It will help you to understand the surgeon’s aesthetic style and idea.

l  JW aims at the most Natural shape and soft texture
JW gives you the best advice on implant brand and size according to your chest shape and size using 3D scanning simulation “Divina” for the ultimate natural shape and soft texture.

l  We have a lower risk of capsular contracture and asymmetry through a precise operation with HD endoscopy

l  No visible scar or pain
We minimize bleeding and pain so that you can return to normal life as soon as possible.

You will consider this procedure as a great confidence booster, especially when you are a good candidate for the surgery in terms of condition of your body and safety and maintain reasonable expectations for what you can achieve from this surgery.

JW Plastic surgery center

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May 14, 2018

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Korean Anti-Aging: How to improve your Eye bags? Find an answer from Best Plastic Surgery Clinic in Korea "JW"

- What is Lower Blepharoplasty??

First of all you got to know it is not just for 40's, 50's or 60's. It also can happen in your 20's or 30's due to bad habits that you have.

Incision Lower blepharoplasty offers you with a bright eye shape and baby-face at one time

Through aging, the skin of eyelids becomes thin and the muscles around the eyes are loosened. Less elastic skin under the eyes starts to become saggy and creates creases.
The layer, covering the fat pad inside the skin under the eyes, starts to lose its supporting capacity and the fat leaks from the layer.
This bulging fat builds dark circles around the eyes regardless of a patient’s age. The combination of saggy skin under the eyes and the dark circles cause a person to look older than his/her own age and make the person appear to be worried.
JW’s REWIND Incision Lower blepharoplasty is a mixed lower blepharoplasty that accompanies transconjunctival lower blepharoplasty and cheek lift.

What is different in between Other Plastic Surgery clinics in Korea and JW's Lower Blepharoplasty?

Many of patients think that removing eye bags are very simple and easy, because they only think it is done by 1st generation ~ 3rd generation, but it is not that simple. Due to aging or your own habits will give sagging skin, wrinkles, bulging eye bags which that just can not be fixed by saggy skin removal and fat removal. JW's 4th generation "Rewind Lower Blepharoplasty" will improve your overall eye bag problems with mid-face lifting as well at the same time.

Method of REWIND Incision Lower Blepharoplasty

STEP 01.  Make an incision below the eyes related to the surgery plan
STEP 02.  Peeling of skin tissue during the operation to minimalizing the soft tissue under the eyes, muscles, and damaging the nerves
STEP 03.  Have to minimize the fat removal and fat repositioning related to own personal face characteristics
STEP 04.  Distributed fats near the mid part has to be lift up to be positioned on the right spot.
STEP 05.  Lower eyelid line has to be curved following the original shape of an eye and position to side back of an eye.
STEP 06. Suture the incision area.(Beautiful and Younger look appearance eyes).

JW’s Specialty of REWIND Incision Lower Blepharoplasty
JW’s Rewind Incision lower blepharoplasty is different from conventional lower blepharoplasty. Under-eye wrinkles can be reduced by fat repositioning, front facial wrinkles can be reduced by saggy cheek lift, one’s original under-eye love bands can be recovered by pulling saggy muscles under eyelids. This surgery allows for excellent reduction of dark circles as well.

1. JW Plastic Surgery Surgeons incise the skin and tissues precisely and it minimize your bleeding. 
2. Removal of saggy and droopy under-eye wrinkles
3. Look younger by under-eye fat removal, Fat repositioning and droopy cheek lift.
4. Recreation of your previous love band
5. Tight fixation to prevent revision surgery. This is very important procedures for longer lasting.

As you can see from above pictures that Lower Blepharoplasty is not just for the older generations.

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May 4, 2018

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] JW's Face Lifting

What is MADE Lifting?

MADE Lifting stands for "Minimal Access Dee Plant Extended vertical face lift (MADE)

Progression of Face Lift:

  1. Limited skin elevation with no treatment of SMAS
  2. More extended elevation of the skin & SMAS
  3. Resurgence of less invasive methods

Need of Minimal Invasive:

  • Short incision
  • Limited Skin elevation
  • More limited dissection of SMAS & Pastyma
  • Shortening postoperative recovery time
  • Reducing surgical risk

Surgical methods for "Minimal Access Face Lift":

  • Lateral SMAS-Ectomy
  • SMAS plication
  • Multiple microimbrication of SMAS (MACS)
  • MADE - Short incision + Deep place Face lift
MADE (Minimal Access Deep Plane Extended Face Lift) is
Hybrid Technique of previous face lifting methods

1. Deep Plane Face Lifting is

  • Release of Zygomatico-cutaneous ligament
  • More extensive mid-face dissection


  • Short incision
Deep Plance Face Lifting + MACS = MADE face lifting

In 40’s and 50’s age – short scar incision
beginning to show the signs of aging.
Improvement of lower portion of face
    (such as nasolabial fold, jowls, jowline)

                Above conditions are MADE Face Lifting

In 60’s and 70’s age – long incison
Require removal of greater amounts of skin -> traditional face lift ± cervicoplasty

This patient is 37 years old and JW performed "MADE Face Lifting"

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Apr 30, 2018

[Best Korean Plastic Surgery "JW"] How to Correct bulbous nose tip (Fatty Nose Tip Correction)

JW Plastic Surgery Center's Rhinoplasty Specialist Dr. Man Koon Suh were invited to the "APS 2018 (Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2018) / KSAPS / KAPS / ISAPS Joint Meeting" to give a lecture about "Creation of Dorsum-Lobule-ala aesthetics in Bulbous tip in Asians" (How to correct bulbous tip *fatty nose tip* in Asians).

1. Definition of Bulbous Nose Tip and Types of Bulbous Nose Tip:

Bulbous tip is defined as large nasal tip regardless of the underlying etiology.

For Asian rhinoplasty surgeons, bulbous tip correction is a common yet challenging procedure, with frequent disappointments.

The causes of bulbous nose are: excessively developed cartilage of the nasal tip; abnormal spread of the cartilage to both sides of the nose; excessive flesh between the nose tip and alar. Considering individuals’ face and needs, we create a sharp and slim nasal tip for you by revising cartilage and/or removing fat layers under the alar skin.
JW does not only reduce the size of the nasal tip but also corrects bulbous tip through reshaping of the nasal tip and refining thick skin tissues.

The ideal nasal tip shape in Caucasians is described as having domal arch of 4 mm, 30 degrees of domal divergence angle.
However, these standards cannot be applied to Asians because the skin and soft tissue of the nasal tip is much thicker with smaller lower lateral cartilages.

There are Two types of bulbous nose tip.
1) Wide nose tip and big nose.
2) Nose itself is not big but for some reason nose tip looks wide or boxy.

2. What is difference between Regular bulbous Nose Tip Correction VS JW Plastic Surgery Center's Bulbous Nose Tip Correction.

1) Other Plastic Surgery Center: They mainly focus on reducing volume of your nose tip from other Plastic Surgery Center, which it can cause pinched looking appearance nose tip.

2) JW Plastic Surgery Center's bulbous nose tip correction: For the bulbous nose tip correction is not just about the reducing volume of your nose tip. JW think about the angle, sizes, height, not upturned, and have little bit of volume after the surgery. 

Surgery Method to Correct Bulbous Nose Tip:

1. Transdomal Suture: 

To decrease the volume of tip, lower lateral cartilage manipulation is first considered.
Transdomal suture decreases the domal definition angle and lateral crural convexity.

This is the example of Bulbous Nose Tip Correction; Cartilage predominant Type

 Before (front)
 After (front)
 Before (bottom)
2 months After (bottom)

This is the example of Bulbous Nose Tip Correction; Soft tissue predominant Type
(Soft tissue predominant type needs a soft tissue debulkingBecause the thick skin is not elastic and does not shrink wrap onto the cartilage framework, adequate tip projection with firm rigid structural graft is necessary to fully expand the skin envelope.)
 Septal Extension Graft

Columella Strut Graft

Is the bulbous tip correction simply a volume reduction?

An aesthetically pleasing nasal tip is not determined only by volume of the tip.
Some patients say my nose is bulbous, even though their tip is pinched. 
And Many patients will say "me too” when the nose actually is small. This most commonly happens because of lack of shadow.

If a bulbous tip in an Asian patient is managed purely in terms of volume reduction, the resulting nasal tip can appear pinched.

Achieve voluminous shadow/highlight, and fineness of dorsum-tip-ala aesthetic line

Toriumi described ideal tip by the concept of highlights and shadows. According to him, attractive tips are not always narrower, but have favorable highlight and shadowing. On the frontal view, supratip area should be narrower and have shadow that continues into the supra-alar regions. The transition from the tip lobule to the alar lobule is smooth, without any pinching. 

Apr 20, 2018

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Anti-Aging and V-line face without having Facial Bone Surgery

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Anti-Aging and V-line face without having Facial Bone Surgery

How to look younger and achieve V-line face without having facial bone surgery.
There are ways to achieve to look younger and V-line without having facial bone surgery!
Thread Lifting + Accusulpt lifting

What is Double lift?

Double lift is a non-invasive lifting procedure with Accusculpt and thread.
Accusculpt lift is a laser that melts fat inside skin and enhances elasticity of skin.
Thread lift is inserting cogged threads into skin layer and lift the holding sagging skin and tissues.

Why do I need 2 procedures together?

After Accusculpt laser melt down the fat inside, the soft tissue gets thinner. And the area where the fat is removed becomes an empty space. If we lift that soft tissue by threads at this time, the lifted soft tissue will be attached and healed on a new upper position of the empty space. So the soft tissue gets not only thinner by accusculpt laser but lifted by threads simultaneously.
If you only aim at sagging and wrinkles on face, double lift will be enough for rejuvenation.
But if you have hollow and flat parts on your face that give you old appearance, you can add fat graft. We call it Triple lift. We collect fat from thighs or belly and inject them to sunken areas of your face. It makes your face look evenly smooth and skin look tighter
Double lift or Triple lift creates V-line shaped face by having only needle hold- size incisions for 1 hour-operation time. You can go back to your normal daily life within 3 days.

And once you do another procedure “Fat Grafting” will help you to achieve younger looking appearance.
Fat transfer surgery is also known as fat grafting or fat injection. It will immediately make you look young by injecting your own fat into an area where it needs volume.  The common areas for fat transfer are forehead, temples, nasolabial lines, front cheeks and chin. It can not only improve fine wrinkles around your face, but also give you a gentle and brighter image.  Unlike fillers, fat transfer can treat larger areas and once the fat is grafted properly it lasts permanently. 

Before and After Surgery pics
(Accusculpt lifting)


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Apr 13, 2018

[JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea] Revision Double Eyelids Surgery (re operation)

1. Why the most popular plastic surgery procedure is “Double Eyelids Surgery” aka “DES”

The most common procedure in Korea is blepharoplasty,or double eyelid surgery. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, it's the most popular plastic surgery operation in the world, with 1.43 million people getting it done in 2014. It's so prevalent that a former Korean president had the operation while he was in office. Blepharoplasty is also controversial. Critics say that the operation makes patients look "less Asian," while proponents say that it's simply a matter of beauty — bigger eyes equals more attractiveness, essentially.
"Most Koreans don't have a double eyelid line, so in that case, sometimes they look sleepy and tired, the director of JW Plastic Surgery Clinic Korea sees 11,000 patients a year.

2. Types of Double Eyelids Surgery and which procedures suits me the most

 01. Non-incision method (Buried Suture)
Double eyelid surgery methods consist of incision method, non-incision method (buried suture), and partial incision.
The surgery method is selected by the type of your eyelid, thickness of eyelid skin, fat volume under the eye skin, and strength of eye opening muscle, and others, during the consultation with your doctor.

Non-incision method (Buried suture) is recommended for:

  • 01- Those who have thin eyelids Those who have a low volume of fat in the area of eyelids
  • 02- Those who want to have natural-looking eyes
  • 03- Those whose skin around their eyes is sufficiently elastic
  • 04- Those who doesn’t want the incision method

02. Incision method

Incision method cuts the double eyelid line to remove a certain amount of tissue, including skin, muscle, fat and connective tissues, then stitches the dermis layer under the line with fascia and tarsal plate, allowing the two tissues to adhere to one another by scar tissue. In this way, the double eyelid line is accurate and clear.
The incision method makes your double eyelid last long but swelling after the operation can last longer in comparison and it takes a longer time to make your double eyelid to appear naturally.
Incision method is applicable to:
  • 01. Those whose double eyelids are thick and have high fat volume
  • 02. Those who want to have a distinctive eye shape
  • 03. Those whose skin is sagging
  • 04. Those who want to have big eyes and long-lasting double eyelids

03. Partial Incision method

You can have both natural looking eyes through the non-incision method (buried suture) method and distinctive eye shapes through the incision method.
Partial incision has strengths of both non-incision method (buried suture) and incision method. The partial incision creates a 10mm crease in the middle of the fold by the incision method, and the creases of both sides are shaped by buried suture. After the shape of double eyelid fold is created then the fold is stitched. Through the partial incision method, not only the double eyelid fold can last longer than the ones made by other methods but also leaving no scar remains, fat around eyelid can be removed, and swelling is relieved quickly. However, this method can’t be applied to those who have sagging eyelids.

3. Is Double Eyelids Surgery easy?

People may think Double eyelids surgery is the most simple and easy surgery which it is not true!
Many of patients think it is simple procedure that incise the skin and suture nicely but the fact is that it really depends on surgeon’s technique and your condition. Plastic surgeon will have to check your thickness of skin, volume of fat, skin, remaining skin, etc., after checking all these options, then surgeon’s skill comes. Also main concerns / bone structure /point of beauty are different from all over the country, so it will be needed of your research to check surgeons who have more experienced in many races such as American-African, Westerner, and Asians.

4. Before and After pictures of surgery who needed to be done Revision Double Eyelids Surgery.

Muscle Correction (ptosis correction) with Double Eyelids Crease control

Above 3 patients had double eyelids surgery or Ptosis Correction from other clinics which it needed to be perform of revision double eyelids surgery, because their creases were too high due to adhesion or too high creases which it got controlled by "JW"

5. How to correct or solve previous double eyelids operation properly and Key Point for "revision double eyelids"

In order to create beautiful and natural-looking double eyelids, eye surgery should be conducted in consideration of the height and depth of double eyelids, the volume of eyelids, adhesion, and the strength of ocular muscles. If such components are not harmonized, the results of the operation may be unsatisfactory or the eye shape may look awkward on the patient’s face. In this case, a reoperation may be required.

01. Height

As each individual has different eye shapes and skin conditions, it is important to find the most natural and optimal height of double eyelids for you. Thick double eyelids make you look edgy from a long distance, but make you appear vacant from a close distance. On the contrary, thin double eyelids look natural from a long distance, but make you look fierce from a close distance. Therefore, it is important to find the most optimal height of double eyelids in order to prevent such gap.

02. Depth

The depth of double eyelids is determined by the direction of the front and rear parts of the eyelids and their length. Even though the height of double eyelids is the same, the eye shape changed depending on the depth of double eyelids. Thin double eyelids may easily disappear and deep double eyelids look unnatural.

 03. Strength
Accounting for 80% of revision eye surgery, the strength of ocular muscles is one of the most important elements. Most people’s faces are asymmetric and have a different strength of ocular muscles. An operation should be conducted, that considers the strength balance of the ocular muscles of both eyes.

 04. Adhesion
If too much skin tissue was removed during double eyelid surgery, it may cause excessive adhesion and hollows under the double eyelids. In this case, the eye shape is unnatural. In the opposite case, it may case triple folds.

05. Volume
If the eyelids are too thick, the upper eyelids may cover the double eyelids and the double eyelids may look extremely thin or not be visible at all. In the opposite case, the double eyelids may be overly exposed and look awkward and unnatural, which may require a re-operation.

6. How to Choose Right plastic surgery clinic and plastic surgery specialists among so many plastic surgery clinics in Seoul, South Korea

Please Click to See more details of finding proper surgeons.

Before eyelids surgery picture
 2 days after eyelids surgery picture
 3 days after eyelids surgery picture
 5 days after eyelids surgery picture
                            6 days after eyelids surgery picture