Jul 28, 2017

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Differences between "Female rhinoplasty and Male rhinoplasty"

Hello everyone today we would like to discuss about "What the differences are between Female rhinoplasty and Male rhinoplasty."

Most of web pages online or other resources have lots of information about "Female rhinoplasty" but there is not enough of informations about "Male rhinoplasty", so I will explain about male rhinoplasty today.

What is "Male rhinoplasty" (rhinoplasty for men)?

Rhinoplasty for men improves the balance of your face by creating a sharp and beautiful nose.
Recently, more and more men are beginning to take care of their appearance.
Rhinoplasty is the most popular plasty surgery for men. The nose is considered the center of the face. Many male patients want to attain a more masculine apperance through rhinoplasty. Unlike women, usually men have a wide nasal bridge, straight facial lines, and thick skin. Therefore, an angle between the nose, face and other elements should be considered for rhinoplasty for men.

In-depth consultation with a specialist is necessary before an operation. In many cases, Humped nose correction and deviated nose correction are performed during rhinoplasty for male patients.

As you can see from the above pictures that male patients would like to have straight nose shape then curved line (S-line) shape nose.

What are the differences between "Female rhinoplasty" and "Male rhinopalsty"

Most of female patient prefer to achieve curved line (s-line) nose when they are going to have rhinoplasty, but male patient prefer to achieve a "sharp and straight nose" because it is more masculine appearance. Also male patients usually have humps, deviated septum, and thick skins then female patients (it doesn't mean everyone is like this).

When patient have Deviated nose, Deviated nasal septum, Nasal obstruction, etcs., please get in-depth examination by having 3D CT analysis from JW Plastic surgery center to have more accurate consultation and operation. (The rhinoplasty specialists will suggest you to have CT - Scan if needed)

Jul 24, 2017

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Sub-brow lift- How to improve sagging skin above the eyelids.

What is Brow Lifting or Sub-brow lifting?

Sub-brow lifting rejuvenates sagging eyelids to make the eyes appear younger. This method is especially useful for older patients who have their brows at normal positions but have lost elasticity in their eyelid muscles, or patients with thick upper eyelid skin regardless of age. Droopy eyelids can irritate the outer edge of the eyelids and can cause inflammation around these areas. Moreover, as droopy eyelids can impair their sight, patients try to open their eyes wider. This habit creates wrinkles on their forehead.

Brow lifting or Sub-brow lifting is suitable for:

1. Those whose distance between eyebrows and eyelashes is long.
2. Those that have thick eyelid skin, particularly those who are middle-aged.
3. Those that have droopy upper eyelid skin.
4. Those that have asymmetrical eyebrows.

How we perform Brow lifting or Sub-brow lifting?


Step 01                                            Step 02                                                                   Step 03

Step 01- Incise the line right under the eyebrow
Step 02- Remove the sagging skin, then we lift the skin
Step 03- Firmly fix the lifted skin to avoid sagging skin in the future

Brow lifting (sub-brow lifting) operation takes about an hour to be performed and it is done using local anesthesia.

Jul 21, 2017

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Dr. Suh were invited as guest speaker from Asian Aesthetics Plastic Surgery Summit 2017

Dr. Man Koon, Suh, who is well known as a Korean Rhinoplasty Specialist and Director of JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea, was invited to be the main guest lecturer at the "Northeast - Asian Plastic Surgery Forum held in Shenyang, China." which was organized by The General Hospital of Shenyang Military Region.

This "Northeast - Asian Plastic Surgery Forum 2017" was attended by many board certified plastic surgeons from Japan, China, and South Korea who joined this forum to see Dr. Man Koon, Suh's lecture.  

This time, he shared his detailed techniques and strategies about "Deviated Nose Correction", "Correction of Contracted Short Noses", and demonstrated in a video session his experiences related with the topic that he had lectured about during this forum.

Jul 14, 2017

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Summer is coming!! Let's talk about Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) / Mini Abdominoplasty

Many of people are preparing for the summer to lose their weights, and they are most likely focusing on the abdomen (Stomach, belly) fats, and love handle. We all know that it is very hard to lose weight on belly or the love handle.

You can lose weight by work out, stretching, and controlling of eating habits. But sagging skin can not be improved by all those above.

If it is too hard to lose weight then it will be good to get some help by having "Abdominoplasty or Mini Abdominoplasty".

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) and Mini Abdominoplasty is for creating a shape and flattened tummy. Whenever you experience a build-up of excessive fat around your abdomen, the volume of fat can be reduced by liposuction; however, this does not get rid of saggy skin. If you have sagged and flabby belly fat or if you happen to have excessive stretch marks or scarring from having baby birth, abdominoplasty can gurantee your perfect stomach contour.

Abdominoplasty is recommended for:

  1. Those who want to remove flab and stretch marks following pregnancy.

  2. Those whose want to eliminate saggy belly fat following excessive weight loss or liposuction.

  3. Those who want to remove uneven belly fat following failed liposuction.

  4. Those who want to remove scarring from C-section.

  5. Those who want to improve their back hipline.

Meaning of "Total Abdominoplasty (Liposuction and Tummy Tuck)"

Total abdominoplasty is an ideal surgery to those want to reduce overall fat and skin around their abdomen. Through this full abdominoplasty, liposuction is performed from above the navel and down to the public region. After liposuction, excessive saggy skin is elimintaed. While leaving nerves and blood vessels largely undisturbed, the excess skin is effectively removed.

Meaning of "Mini Abdominoplasty"

A single incision is made in the area under the navel, and then Endoscopic Mini Abdominoplasty is perforrmed to remove excess skin. The ideal candidate for this tummy tuck has laxity and protrusion below the navel. Conventional mini abdominoplasty can not tighten slack abdominal muscles following pregnancy; however, JW's Endoscopic Mini Abdominoplasty can ensure the sculpting of a beautiful tummy line by tightening the abdominal muscles.

Jul 6, 2017

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Breaking News! Song Hyu Kyo and Song Joong Ki is getting married!!!

Actor Song Joong Ki and the Actress Song Hye Kyo from South Korea are reportedly getting married on October 31, 2017!!

After months of denying dating rumors, actors Song Joong Ki and Song Hye-kyo, who co-starred in the 2016 Korean dram "Descendants of the Sun," have announced that they will be getting married on October 31st.

The news was announced through a joint statement in between of their entertainment company they belongs to yesterday.

The statement read, "Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo will become a married couple and will have their wedding on the last day of October. We apologize for the sudden announcement as marriage does not only involve the two individuals, but is also a family affair, we had to be careful until everything was setteled and be sure. We hope for everyone's blessing on this matter."

The couple received the nick names of "Song-Song couple" while playing a roles in "Descendants of the Sun". Song Joon ki were played as Captain Yoo Si Jin of the Korean Special Forces Unit, while Song Hye Kyo played as doctor Kang Mo yeon who is sent out to fictional country Uruk where Captain Yoo were located to aid the army. The fictional couple was adored both in and outside of Korea nd their love story coming to fruition has been the fantasy of many fans.

"Descendants of the Sun" is still broadcasting in overseas Southeast Asian countries and became really big Korean drama. and everyone loves "Song-Song couple".

Congrats to their marriage!!! best couples ever!

Jun 26, 2017

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Dr. Chul Hwan Seul were invited to "2017 Asia Model Festival" as a judge

2017 Asia model festival was organized by Korea Model Association and supported by Ministry of culture, sports and tourism, Visit Korea Committee, Korea Foundation for international culture exchange. Asia model festival had 3 main contents of "Face of Asia", "Asia beauty festival", Asia Model Awards" on 2017. June 22nd ~ 24th at Jangchoong Gymnasium, Seoul, South Korea

- Face of Asia: There were new models in total of 27 different countries.

- Asia Beauty Festival: It was about the Fashion beauty breands promoting their products and services

- Asia Model Awards: Largest award in Asia for entertainment. Asian stars perform and received model awards

Dr. Chul Hwan, Seul from JW Plastic Surgery Center were invited as judge to the Face of Asia.

also some of the models who are attending to 2017 Asia model festival came to our clinic to have consultation with Dr. Man Koon, Suh

Mindy Catallena from Malaysia
Vanessa Ho Mei Qi from Singapore
Jittima Singdej from Thailand

Jun 20, 2017

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Want to have double eyelids? Ptosis Correction Surgery in Seoul, Korea

Ptosis Correction Surgery in Korea

 Ever seen someone with a sleepy-eye appearance?
Did you know there is a medical term for it?
Yeap, Ptosis with a silent P it is. Ptosis is strictly a condition/symptom and NOT a disease marked by a drooping upper eyelid that at times can be severe enough to cover the pupil and affect vision. Ptosis is mostly a result of weak eyelid muscles or separation from the muscle tendon. Ptosis can be

·         Congenital (Muscular dystrophies)

·         Due to;

-          Neurological disease (Diabetic neuropathy)

-          Muscular disease

-          Neuromuscular disease (Myasthenia gravis)

-          Stroke

-          Injury

-          Growths (Brain tumor, pituitary cancer)

While ptosis can be improved a bit with exercises, it can only be fixed for good with a ptosis correction surgery. Speaking of which, ‘ptosis correction’ double eyelid surgery is one of the most commonly practiced surgeries in Korea.

Do I Need Ptosis Correction Surgery?

Do your eyes need this surgery? Well, read on to learn whether you’re an ideal candidate for the surgery or not. While a sagging eyelid that affects the vision is clearly a major symptom, there are other hints as well. These include;

·         Extremely dry or watery eyes

·         Weary or tired looking face

·         Saggy skin around eyelids

·         Appearance of wrinkles (forehead), since forehead muscles are now used more in an attempt to keep eyes open.

·         Frequent headaches or migraines since drooping of eyelids.

What is Ptosis Correction & How is It carried out?


Correction of ptosis with a surgery aims at pulling eyelid muscles upwards assuaging saggy or drooping eyelid and giving eye a vivid shape. When managing ptosis, there are two approaches, surgical and non-surgical ptosis correction. The 1-2 hour surgery carried under local anesthesia or anesthesia with sedation is a minor procedure that doesn’t require hospitalization.

There are various ways to go about the surgical management guided by the condition of your eyes;

·         Incision ptosis correction

·         Partial incision method

·         Non-incisional ptosis correction

Incisional Ptosis Correction

Incisional Ptosis correction may involve several techniques depending on the type of ptosis. These techniques are aponeurosis advancement, plication or resection of Levator or Muller’s Muscle. Let us briefly discuss the various operations.

Incisional ptosis correction itself involves reduction, strengthening and reattachment of levator muscle. The extent of reduction depends on the severity of ptosis.

 Levator muscle enhancement is mostly carried along with a double eyelid surgery; however the surgical field is relatively deeper here. Once a customized ideal eye shape has been designed the following steps are taken;

·         Incision is made and distal fascia of the lax muscle dissected

·         Once the muscle is partially detached from the tarsal plate, aponeurotic tissue is resected, shortened and then stitched to an appropriate position of the tarsal plate. The position and height are guided by the severity of ptosis here

·         Once the muscle is fixed, superficial eyelid skin is stitched and fixated to create double folds.

Levator Resection is a technique used when levator function is not normal, for example in congenital ptosis. This involves muscle tightening in a manner similar to aponeurosis tightening.

Muller Muscle Resection is another technique that involves giving an incision on the inside of eyelid followed by shortening, tightening of the Muller’s muscle with the help of stitches. Stitches are removed 3 weeks after the surgery.

You are an ideal incisional ptosis surgery candidate if;
  • Eyelids cover 1/3rd of the pupil
  • Eyelids are saggy with a large volume of fat
  • Eyes are asymmetric severely
  • The skin around eyelids is thick

Removal of stitches is mostly done on the 7th day of operation

Partial Incision method

Yet another way of achieving of a natural and permanent double eyelid that best works for people who have had a failed non-incisional experience or if the individual has an eyelid with thick fat tissue that is not suitable for the non-incision method.

The procedure involves making a partial incision of 2-3mm for removal of fat tissue on the eyelid. It is a combination of both the buried suture method and the surgery. The main goal of the method is to release fat completely (surrounded by the orbital septum) and tuck Muller muscle towards conjunctiva, so that ptosis and sunken eyes are corrected.

Non-incisional Ptosis Correction

Non-incisional ptosis correction on the other hand involves muscle readjustment through conjunctiva by flipping the eyelid. It involves making a hole on the double eyelid line and pulling the muscle and tarsal plate. You are certainly an ideal candidate for this type if;
  • you have weak eye-opening muscles and enough power to open eyes
  • There’s light drooping of eyelids
  • You’re concerned about scarring after the surgery.
  • Your eyelids are less fatty
  • There’s adequate thickness of skin around upper eyelids
Ptosis Correction- The Plus Points

Surgical ptosis correction is a magic bullet that offers promising results. Here are a few plus points of the procedure that might help you in making your final decision;
  • Improved visual function and ocular fatigue
  • Improved social interaction
  • Improved quality of life
  • Assuages eyelash inversion problems
  • Formation of natural looking double eyelids
  • Minimal scarring
  • Normal routine and activities aren’t disturbed due to surgery
  • Lesser side effects and need of revision if professionals are skilled and experienced
  • If a double eyelid surgery is also done, a beautiful shape of eye can be achieved.
  • During a non-incisional correction, patient can check their eye shape by opening and closing their eyes eventually resulting in higher satisfaction rates.

Needless to mention the skill and expertise of your surgeon is the single most important factor that determines the success and outcome of the procedure. Professionals at JW Eye Surgery Center make sure that with their 17 years of experience and provision of medical quality services, patients leave satisfied, content and most importantly with a boosted confidence.

Ptosis Correction without Surgery

While undoubtedly surgery is the only way of fixing ptosis for good, there are certain exercises you can do to improve your condition. According to the National Stroke Association eye exercises that encourage the use of affected eye and eyelid muscles are recommended in order to increase the muscle tolerance. Exercises that should be performed on an hourly basis include;
  • Eye rolling (full rotation)
  • Eye movement in figure 8 movements  
  • Patch Exercises that encourage the use of affected eye only and covering the other with a patch so that it puts double the effort for proper viewing
  • Trataka exercise for ptosis involving fixing eye on an object and then holding the gaze for as long as you’re comfortable


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