Jan 19, 2018

How to find proper specialized plastic surgeons in South Korea

Today I'm going to write a blog about "How to find proper specialized plastic surgeons in South Korea" and "How to find legit plastic surgeons in Korea".

First of all there are so many plastic surgeons and plastic surgery center in Korea, but you really do not know which plastic surgeons or plastic surgery clinics are legit because:

  1. You do not know Korean language so can't get true information from Koreans.
  2. You just google popular clinics, so you just go for one of them to have a surgery without having enough knowledge about your surgeons.
  3. You have done researches and break out to 2~4 clinics, but sometimes fake information can lead you to make wrong or fault decision.

I know that it is really hard to see, research and check which plastic surgeons or clinics are trustworthy and devoted themselves to development of plastic surgery field in Korea.

Korean doctors degree system is quite different than other countries. They have specific surgery fields system in Korea.

As an example:

    1. Difference between ENT surgeons and Plastic surgery surgeons
    ENT surgeons and Plastic surgeons both are allowed to perform plastic surgery but their title of doctoral degree, ways or techniques of performing rhinoplasty are different. Also their purpose of performing surgeries are different each other.
    2. Difference between General surgeons and Plastic surgery surgeons
    General surgeons and plastic surgeons both are allowed to perform plastic surgery such as breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, liposuction, and etc., but differences with these two surgeons are:
  • Techinique of surgery itself
  • Purpose of surgery
  • Mindset of surgeons performing surgery (Plastic surgery can't help considering aspect of beauty more than general surgeons).
  • Suture method
  • Knowledge

This is why you have to research about your surgeons background!!

Now I will tell you how to search and see if they are board certified plastic surgeons.

They post "trained in plastic surgery" in Korean language on their Korean websites but post "Certified plastic surgeon" in English websites. DO NOT FALL FOR THAT TRICK!!

  1. Surgeons who graduated with plastic surgery degree: "성형외과 전문의" which it means they are specialized or specialist in plastic surgery. (as you can see from the above picture that it actually says "성형외과" on their surgeons certificate)
  2. Surgeons who had trained plastic surgery: "성형외과 수련의" which it means they had trained in plastic surgery.
  3. Surgeons who studied in plastic surgery: "성형외과 전공의" which it means they had medical resident in plastic surgery.

Please do check on their Korean website and English website. If you want to have it done by plastic surgery specialists.

1. http://www.prskorea.co.kr/English/

2. https://www.isaps.org/    (this site is not for all the surgeons but most of famous plastic surgeons will be found in this websites)

There could be more sites but these are the most common one's that you can check easily :)


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Jan 12, 2018

Don't get confused!! South Korea celebrates opening of 2nd terminal at Incheon Airport

South Korea's transport ministry and Incheon International Airport Corp. (IIAC) held an event on Friday to celebrate the opening of a second passenger terminal at Incheon International Airport.

The second terminal at the Incheon airport begins commercial operations on Jan. 18, with Korean Air Lines Co. scheduled to make the first flight from the new terminal at 7:55 a.m. to Manila, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said in a statement.

The ceremony, attended by 1,000 people, was also held four weeks ahead of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games, which are slated for Feb. 9-25, to promote the expansion of the country's main gateway to the world, the statement said.

Korean Air and three foreign full-service carriers -- Delta Air Lines, Inc., Air France and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines -- will also serve passengers in the second terminal, the ministry said.
IIAC invested 4.93 trillion won (US$4.6 billion) from June 2009 to December 2017 to build the second terminal.

In 2015, Korean Air and Asiana Airlines Inc. wanted to move to the second terminal from the existing first terminal.

The government asked them to submit their operating plans for the new terminal. Korean Air was selected over Asiana Airlines after an analysis of their plans, the ministry said.
The three foreign airlines were selected because they have business ties with the Korean flagship carrier through the SkyTeam airline alliance, an official said. The airlines share passenger transfer and code-share programs.

Asiana and 85 other airlines will use the first terminal.
The first terminal served 62 million passengers and handled 2.92 million tons of cargo in 2017. With the addition of the second terminal, the Incheon airport can handle a total of 72 million passengers and 5 million tons of cargo annually, the statement said.

Korean Airline, Delta Airline, Air France, KLM airline will be at the Incheon Airport 2nd Terminal.

So do not confuse with your terminal!

Dec 31, 2017

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Breaking News in 2017 Jonghyun from Shinee passed away R.I.P. Jong Hyun from SHINEE

After Jonghyun passed away by reported suicide on Monday (Dec. 18), a friend of the SHINee member shared a post-mortem letter from the K-pop star on social media on Tuesday (Dec. 19).
The content was published on Instagram by Dear Cloud’s Nine9 (born Jang Heeyeon). The singer wrote that she had been entrusted with it by Jonghyun (born Kim Jonghyun), and had received his family’s approval to post it on social media. It's unclear when the letter was written.
In the note, Jonghyun addressed his struggle with depression and wrote his final farewell.
 "I'm broken from the inside,” wrote Jonghyun, reports Yonhap. “The depression that has slowly nibbled me away has now devoured me, and I couldn't overcome it. I thought being a doctor was so easy when blaming it on my character in a quiet voice. It's amazing that it hurts this much. No one alive is more tormented nor weaker than myself.”
He continued by addressing the woes of his career: “Becoming famous was probably not my life. They tell me that's why I'm having a hard time ... Why did I choose that? It's funny that I'm able to endure this much.” The star, who was 27-years-old when he passed away, was a teenager when SHINee released its first single, “Replay,” in 2008.
“Tell me this is enough, that I did well," the letter read in its conclusion. "Even if you can't smile, don't send me off blaming me. You did well, you did good. Goodbye."
Jonghyun of South Korean boy band SHINee performs onstage the SM Entertainment The Ballad Vol.2 Joint Recital at COEX on Feb. 12, 2014 in Seoul, South Korea. 

Jonghyun’s memorial service began on Tuesday in Seoul at the Asan Medical Center, with the four surviving members of SHINee joining his family as primary mourners. A separate venue was set aside by SHINee's label, SM Entertainment, to serve as a location where fans could pay respects to the artist.
The SHINee member was found unconscious on Monday after sending his sister alarming texts, and was confirmed dead at a Seoul hospital. On Tuesday, Seoul police closed its investigation and concluded that the K-pop star had died by suicide.
A prominent singer-songwriter in the K-pop world, Jonghyun was a dominating presence in SHINee, a boy band recognized for its precise choreography and powerful music. Following his debut with the quintet in 2008, the star also pursued a solo career over the past few years; his first EP, Base, peaked at No. 1 on the World Albums chart in 2015. His most recent album, Story Op. 2, was released in April.

Dec 7, 2017

[JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea] Cirugías plásticas estilo Gangnam atraen a miles a Seúl - "Gangnam-style plastic surgeries attract thousands to Seoul" on Bloomberg

Cirugías plásticas estilo Gangnam atraen a miles a Seúl

Kylie Vu muestra una foto de su actriz surcoreana favorita en su iPhone y señala.

“Quiero un mentón como el de ella”, le dice a una consultora de belleza de la clínica BK Plastic Surgery en el elegante barrio de Gangnam, en Seúl.
Vu, de 30 años, gastó 15 mil dólares por un implante de mentón y un lifting facial después de viajar 2 mil 700 kilómetros desde Vietnam, donde administra cinco jardines de infantes.
La cantidad de turistas que viajan a Corea del Sur para someterse a una cirugía plástica aumentó más de cinco veces desde 2009 a 15 mil 428 el año pasado, informa el Ministerio de Salud.
Muchos, como Vu, visitan el llamado cinturón de belleza de cientos de clínicas que rodean las estaciones de metro de Gangnam, lugar donde estaba ambientado el video de “Gangnam Style” del cantante surcoreano Psy.
La tendencia está contribuyendo con el plan del gobierno de sumar unos 20 mil empleos, en su mayoría enfermeras e intérpretes, en la industria del turismo médico en los próximos cuatro años.
En BK Plastic Surgery, ubicada en un edificio de quince pisos con otras clínicas, 16 cirujanos cuentan con el apoyo de 30 intérpretes que hablan idiomas como el japonés, el mandarín, el cantonés y el vietnamita.
“El viaje vale la pena”, dijo Vu mientras se preparaba para someterse a una cirugía para la cual tomó como modelo a Kim Tae Hee, la imagen de la publicidad de heladeras de LG Electronics Inc. y protagonista de “Love Story in Harvard”, un drama coreano.
“La cirugía de Corea del Sur tiene fama de ser la mejor del mundo”, señala Vu.
Demanda impresionante
La cantidad de extranjeros que se operan ha aumentado conforme crece la aceptación de la industria en el país, dijo en una entrevista Kim Byung Gun, titular de BK Plastic Surgery.
El 32 por ciento de los consultados para una encuesta que realizó el gobierno municipal de Seúl en 2011 dijeron que estaban dispuestos a someterse a una cirugía plástica, frente a 21.5 por ciento de los entrevistados en 2009.
“Tengo pacientes de China y Japón desde fines de la década de 1990”, señaló Kim. “El número ha crecido más rápidamente desde entonces debido a la impresionante demanda de cirugía estética de los coreanos”.
Calcular las dimensiones de la industria es difícil porque el seguro nacional de salud de Corea del Sur no cubre la cirugía estética.
En 2011, se practicaron en el país un total de 649 mil 938 procedimientos cosméticos, según la Sociedad Internacional de Cirugía Estética, lo que equivale a 13 operaciones por cada mil personas, la cifra más elevada del mundo.
El gobierno participó en la promoción de la industria en el exterior, mientras que las clínicas más grandes también empezaron a adecuar los paquetes para los extranjeros, según Seul Chul Hwan, responsable de JW Plastic Surgery de Gangnam, que tiene diez consultores que pueden comunicarse en inglés, mandarín, ruso, tailandés, vietnamita e indonesio.
Alrededor del 3l al 40 por ciento de los pacientes de JW vienen de otros países, dijo Seul en una entrevista.
If we translate this article in English

Gangnam-style plastic surgeries attract thousands to Seoul

Kylie Vu shows a photo of her favorite South Korean actress on her iPhone and points out. 

"I want a chin like hers," she tells a beauty consultant at the BK Plastic Surgery clinic in the posh Gangnam neighborhood of Seoul. 
Vu, 30, spent $ 15,000 for a chin implant and facelift after traveling 2,700 kilometers from Vietnam, where she runs five kindergartens. 
The number of tourists traveling to South Korea to undergo plastic surgery has increased more than five times since 2009 to 15,428 last year , reports the Ministry of Health. 
Many, like Vu, visit the so-called beauty belt of hundreds of clinics surrounding the Gangnam subway stations,place where the video of "Gangnam Style" of the South Korean singer Psy was set. 

The trend is contributing to the government's plan to add some 20,000 jobs, mostly nurses and interpreters, to the medical tourism industry over the next four years. 
"The trip is worth it," Vu said as he prepared to undergo surgery for which he modeled Kim Tae Hee, the image of LG Electronics Inc. refrigerator advertising and the star of "Love Story in Harvard." , a Korean drama.
"South Korea's surgery is reputed to be the best in the world," says Vu. 
Impressive demand
The number of foreigners operating has increased as industry acceptance in the country grows
The 32 percent of those consulted for a survey conducted by the Seoul municipal government in 2011 said they were willing to undergo plastic surgery, compared to 21.5 percent of those interviewed in 2009.
"I have patients from China and Japan since late of the 1990s, "The number has grown faster since then due to Koreans' impressive demand for cosmetic surgery."
Calculating the dimensions of the industry is difficult because the South Korean national health insurance does not cover cosmetic surgery. 
In 2011, a total of 649,938 cosmetic procedures were performed in the country, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Surgery, which is equivalent to 13 operations per thousand people, the highest figure in the world. 
The government participated in the promotion of the industry abroad, while larger clinics also began to adapt the packages for foreigners, according to Seul Chul Hwan, head of JW Plastic Surgery of Gangnam, which has ten consultants who can communicate in English, Mandarin, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian.
About 3 to 40 percent of JW Plastic Surgery Korea patients come from other countries, Seul said in an interview.

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